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Let’s talk about presentation, and why it matters for REALTORS®.

I recently ordered this set of shampoo and conditioner online. I don’t know anything about it but I have two issues that I want to solve:

1. I’m a 50-something female and if any of you are in that category (or if you’re not, I’m here to tell you, lol) you know your hair does not age as well as your bubbling personality…so I’m looking for something that helps bring it back to life a little.

2. I wanted something that is in bar form rather than liquid because it is easier for travel and it cuts down on plastic usage.

Now, there are a sea of options out there, all of them pretty much claiming to be able to solve my issue; and the internet makes it easy to just pick one and try it out, so that’s what I did.

It arrived in the mail yesterday and this is what it looked like.










I know. The presentation of this product is so beautifully done, right?

Which brings me to real estate and real estate agents.

When clients look for a real estate professional, there are a sea of options out there; all of them claiming to be able to solve their issue.

Need to sell your home? I can do it!
Want to buy a home? I can help you!
Need a lender? I know some great ones!
Looking for information about the market? I have it!

The reality is, nearly every single agent has the same tools at their disposal to get the job done. So what separates you and makes you stand apart?

Well, there are a lot of things – but how you present those things makes a huge difference.

So, when you show up for a client, what is your presentation saying about you? (This is not about your clothes. You do you, just do it well.)

  • But when you show up in person, what are you bringing with you? Are your materials professionally done and well-printed?
  • Is your presentation package a reflection of your pride in your product and service?
  • Does it show respect for your client and the importance of the job they need you to do?
  • Does it define your values?
  • Does it illustrate the value of your services?
  • Does it all provide a clearly compelling image of why a client should trust you above anyone else?
  • What about your business cards? Do you have a recent photo that is well done and high resolution? Or are you using a low-res photo from a phone that’s been cropped out?
  • And what about your online presence? Have you taken the time to make sure your website and social media pages are updated and provide a professional image? Is your bio complete?
  • When you put a property online, do you have professional photos rather than some haphazard photos from your phone? Did you take the time to help the photographer stage your photos…picking up clutter and removing it from the shot to showcase the home in it’s best light?

When I unpacked this little product, I knew they cared about what they were doing.

I read about their values and their mission…their goals and their “why.” And when I did, I understood why I paid a premium price; and why I was comfortable paying for it. As we enter a new era of real estate, defining and presenting your value is imperative.

They also sent a little bamboo holder which made me think “they care about the details and they go the extra mile.”

Long story, short, I haven’t even tried it and I’m already sold. Presentation matters.



You can learn good lessons about marketing in the most odd places, and this was a good one.

One last thing, this product smells amazing…so show up amazing and don’t stink. 😉

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