Different from day one.

BRG was started in 2011 as an idea that a small, elite team of real estate agents committed to providing the highest levels of service, expertise, and professionalism could become a viable company in this competitive market. We made a conscious effort to focus on the clients instead of the numbers and in doing so, the clients were happy, the business thrived, and the numbers took care of themselves.

We knew that technology in real estate was going to be a game-changer and set a pace that other firms would work to catch up to. However, our guiding philosophy then and still today, is that the most important aspect of every real estate transaction should always be the relationship between the agent and their client.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations and build an enduring relationship.

At BRG Real Estate, we’re not just building a brand, we’re building a vision. From our partnerships to our locations, we are thoughtful and intentional in the moves we make. Our purpose is to create an extraordinary brand based on service, results, and professionalism.

Whether you’re a client, an agent, a partner, or a valued staff member, our hope is that you will indeed find home with BRG.