Do Your Clients Crave Connection Over Technology?

Recently, I watched an interview with Seth Godin…to be honest, recently I’ve been watching a lot of Marketing videos trying to get a good handle on what’s coming down the pipeline. Most of them have nothing to do with Real Estate but are just general information about the state of marketing today.

For reference, Seth Godin is one of the pioneers of modern day marketing. He’s been called the “founder” of email marketing and specifically, permission based marketing (read opt-in marketing.)  He’s started and sold some tech companies and written at least 18 best selling books on marketing as well. He is quite literally an expert on consumer behavior and connecting with clients so as I was watching this interview and he made a quick segue into real estate, you know I paid attention and had to record that snippet.

Take a quick watch:

So what do you think? Is there real merit for us as real estate professionals to revert to some of the “old school” tried and true ways like neighborhood and area farming? With all the hype technology is getting, do people really and truly care about personal connection if not more, at least equally?

From my perspective, I’d say yes! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the technology, the systems, the automation…but only from the perspective that those things make you more visible and help to keep you connected to your market and your community. I’ve seen things like neighborhood farming work in major ways with long-lasting benefits. As real estate changes, I think consumers still want to do business with people they “know, like, and trust.”

But I’m really interested in what you think.