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That’s an understatement. In fact, BRG was started because the options for Teams at other brokerages just weren’t easy to navigate or financially viable. We’ve made it part of our mission to support and help build great teams.

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When you become a Team Leader, you take on a substantial amount of financial and personal responsibility. Nobody understands that more than us. When you join a team, you put your financial future and a lot of faith in your Team Leader. We get that too. At BRG, we’re committed to offering our Teams all the services & support to grow and to be successful.

Who can start a team?

Any active BRG agent can start a team

How many people can be on a team?

The minimum requirement to start a team is 2. The maximum is unlimited.

Do teams pay higher fees?

No. Every agent pays the same amount in fees.

How do teams cap?

Every agent is capped individually. The Team Leader caps at $15,000 and Team Members cap at $7,500.

What about spouses working as a team?

A Spouse Team caps at one cumulative amount of $15,000. Spousal Teams consist of two legally married real estate agents performing as one.

Can agents be on multiple teams?


Are there special team requirements?

Yes. Teams must sign a Team Agreement and share a team roster with BRG. Team members are required to go through BRG onboarding.

Is there a minimum Team Members must pay to Team Leaders?

Yes. The BRG Team Agreement requires a minimum 25% referral fee to be paid to the Team Leader.

Can Team Leaders and Members earn equity shares of BRG?

Yes. In regards to BRG’s private equity shares, every agent is treated individually.

Is there training and support for Team Leaders?

Yes. In addition to our Team Leader Mastermind, our training program includes classes geared directly towards Team Leaders.

Do Team Leaders earn Residual Payments on Team Members they recruit?

No. Team Leaders are not eligible for residual payments on Team Members.

Does the Team Leader referral fee count towards the Team Leader’s cap?


Thinking about starting your own Team?

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself.

Who should start a Team?

You should start a Team if you have a desire to lead, grow, and see others grow; if you have been in the business for a couple years and have established a consistent business year after year that includes referrals, other lead gen strategies; and have systems in place to support your team members and admin staff.

When should you start a team?

When you are too busy to properly service the clients and lead sources you have in place and the demand for your services outweighs the ability to deliver quality service. This will look different for everyone depending on the stage of their life but we usually see it somewhere in the area of 40-50 transactions which typically is the most an individual can handle and not get burned out.

What does it take to start a team?

A plan. You’ll need to establish your Goals, Branding, Marketing Plan, Budget, Lead Sources, and CRM. You’ll also need to establish a compensation plan that is proven to work. Additionally, as a Team Leader, you will need to be a true leader, inspire and motivate your team, and be there for your team when they need you.

Who is the first person I should hire for my team?

Many new Team Leaders are tempted to take on a Buyer’s Agent first, but your first hire should be a Transaction Coordinator. This important first-hire sets the stage for your team to grow. The next hires should be Buyer’s Agent(s), an Administrative Assistant, and a Marketing Specialist.

Hiring the right people at the right time is probably the most important aspect of starting a team.

Are you interested in learning more about starting or building a Team?

Reach out to us! Our Teams are some of the top ranking teams in the MLS.

BRG was started by Agents, for Agents. We are a tech forward, agent centric company focused on supporting our agents so that they can offer their clients the very best.