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We saw this article recently posted on Inman and thought we’d expand on it to see how we’re doing as a brokerage. TBH, the last few years of real estate craziness brought a lot of clarity to our vision and we’d love for you to peek behind the curtain of BRG to see what makes us different from other brokerages!

5 Reasons to Make a Brokerage Switch

“Nothing is more important in a business than the correct culture – defined by Indeed.com as “the set of behavioral and procedural norms that can be observed within a company — including policies, procedures, ethics, values, employee behaviors and attitudes, goals, and code of conduct. It also makes up the ‘personality’ of a company and defines the work environment.”

At BRG, our mindset is big, bold, and optimistic – and our Core Values are built on a solid foundation of how we began, who we are, and the environment we want for every single one of our agents and employees.

We are an Agent-Centric, Client-Focused, Tech-Forward, Family-First, Growth-Minded Brokerage that puts enormous value on a Culture of Generosity.

“Nurture, encouragement and training are required to build an effective practice. While some brokerages provide extensive training for agents at multiple levels, others leave development to the agents themselves. If you have reached the point where you need support but cannot find what you need in your current brokerage, it could be time to look for a new company that provides the tools you need to get you to the next level.”

At BRG, we provide on-going, relevant training for every phase of your real estate career. We know people learn in different ways so we offer multiple opportunities for training including in-person events, online events, a full video library of training and tutorials, and live weekly training via Zoom for Agents and Team Leaders.

“Leadership is everything: While inspired leaders can galvanize an organization to continued levels of growth and development, poor leaders can enmesh agents in a quagmire of mediocrity. If the leadership in your brokerage does not inspire, motivate and provide the growth opportunities you need to advance to the next level, you might look for another agency with better leadership.”

When you join BRG, you join a family of innovators, motivators, educators, collaborators, and creators. We hire the best brokers in the business whose northstar is the care and success of our agents, we utilize agent feedback every step of the way, and our leadership team meets every single week to ensure we are focused on our agents growth, development, and success.

“As we are entering a changing market, brokerages that thrived during the superheated market of the past few years may not have the support you will need to weather and succeed in the new reality. Many brokerages, caught off guard by the sudden decrease in sales, are slashing support to simply survive.”

Our professional support staff is “hands down” the best in the business and our only goal going forward is to expand our support team, not diminish it. In addition, we offer an incredible of array of systems available to every single agent including a full agent website, a top-rated CRM, a thorough on-boarding process, a full-scale marketing platform, a transaction management system, and digital commission checks – usually on closing day.

“The lowest split does not equal success. The right culture, training, leadership and support you need to become a top producer along with your own desire to become a top producer, equals success. Successful agents understand this. As someone famously stated, “Do you want 90 percent of a grape or 50 percent of a watermelon?” If the environment is correct, the money will follow.”

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, we DO have some of the best splits in the business along with a low cap rate for a fast track to 100% commission. But that’s not all, we also offer a long term passive income opportunity with our Residual Payment Plan as well as Private Equity Shares in BRG. We are committed to your short-term financial success and your long-term financial stability. And that watermelon mentioned above? You’ll always find BRG agents and teams in the top tier of the MLS stats.


Learn more about all we offer our agents here: https://brgonline.com/agent-careers/

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