Show me the money

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how much support we offer – If our Agents aren’t well compensated, then we won’t feel successful. Your success truly is our success.

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At BRG, Agents don’t work for us, we work for them.

We offer a high split, low cap rates, and low fees plus the most aggressive referral residual income program in the industry and company profit share through stock options.

Be well-compensated for your work, be fully supported with all the best systems, experience collaboration and connection with your co-workers, and build your retirement plan…that’s what we’re all about.

A plan that sets you up for success.

We put you in the driver’s seat with a plan that provides you all the support without all the hidden fees.

100% Commission After Cap

No Franchise Fees

No Desk Fees

No Hidden Fees

Full Support

Company Ownership

Are you ready to put more money in your pocket without giving up support and services?

Let’s talk about the ways we set you up for success!

BRG was started by Agents, for Agents. We are a tech forward, agent centric company focused on supporting our agents so that they can offer their clients the very best.