Passive income. The keyword is passive.

It’s important to us that you have a secure, financially beneficial career and retirement. Our Revenue Share Plan is simple to put into play, easy to understand, and pays you monthly.

Have a quick question? Just ask us!

We get it, you have questions…and we’d love to answer them.

It starts with a conversation…and that’s pretty much where your task ends as well.

You have conversations with real estate professionals every day. If you happen to talk to someone who you think would make a great BRG agent, send us their information and we’ll do the heavy lifting. That’s it! Your obligation ends there – no mentoring, no follow-up, no nothing. From there, you just collect your revenue share payments for as long as that agent remains with BRG. When you retire from BRG, you still receive payments.

Imagine the possibilities.

Are you ready to explore more opportunities?

Let’s talk about what it really means to be an Agent Centric brokerage!

BRG was started by Agents, for Agents. We are a tech forward, agent centric company focused on supporting our agents so that they can offer their clients the very best.