12 videos every agent should make!

Video in general and YouTube specifically have become major drivers of traffic and leads.

Among US adults, 81% report using YouTube, up 8% year-over-year. YouTube was the only platform other than Reddit that saw significant growth since 2019. (This is Pew’s first such survey that includes TikTok). For comparison, 69% of adults reported using Facebook, whose growth in the US has been static since 2016.

Video is the preferred content for the platforms you’re engaged on and the people you’re seeking to attract, so your ability to generate this kind of content has never been more critical. 

These 12 video ideas will help you build value for your audience and answer the questions that potential customers have before they even ask them.

1. What people love and hate about living in (your area)

Share with your audience all the things residents love about living in your area and the things they don’t love. Whether you’re talking about a city, a neighborhood or a subdivision, people are curious about what it’s like to live there, and these videos will draw them in. 

Whether we like it or not, negativity often attracts attention. If you share that you don’t love living in your area during the summer because July and August are incredibly humid, you’ll be a bit more relatable to the people trying to learn more.

2. Renting vs. buying in (your area)

Use this video to highlight the area you service, and include the area’s name in the title of your video. Then, really break down the specific options for your audience.

Show them the numbers of renting versus buying. Include how much an average house would sell for and a rough idea of their mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance. Then break down the monthly expenses of the lease payment versus the mortgage payment. Highlighting the potential for capital appreciation, the tax advantages of ownership and demonstrating that their payments will actually be lower than if they rent will usually reveal the value in purchasing.

3. Virtual open houses

Facebook has given us unbelievable reach for virtual open houses, even if we live in an area with the option for in-person events. Although our in-person open houses might draw 10-12 people, a Facebook video allows you the opportunity to reach an audience of hundreds of people.

It demonstrates to your sellers that you’re using unique methods to reach buyers, and it helps you draw a larger audience.

And if you live in an area that hasn’t fully reopened yet, virtual open houses allow you to engage with an audience until things fully reopen safely.

4. My favorite places in (your area)

People who are thinking about moving to an area want to see a highlight reel of the best things around you, so highlight a variety of offerings in your area. Include places to take the kids, places to take your spouse and any of the things you love to do. 

Shoot video at the local park, a restaurant, the farmer’s market or on a bike trail you love to ride.

Providing this insight allows potential buyers to begin to picture themselves enjoying the area. It also shows potential sellers that you are actively marketing the area to attract more potential buyers for their home, should they list with you.

5. Coming soon

As soon as you take a listing, shoot a video — even if it’s with your phone — and tell your audience how excited you are to bring this house to the market in a few days. Give just a few details, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and invite interested people to private message you for more details.

These videos will demonstrate a willingness to do something different on behalf of the sellers, and you might even get a chance to double-side some of your listings. Just make sure you adhere to your local MLS Board’s standards…for instance, CCAR requires that the listing goes live the next day.

6. Neighborhood highlights

Create a video of the area you’re farming or a neighborhood that you love, and highlight amenities like a pool, neighborhood gym, dog park or anything else that will interest your audience. You can shoot this with your phone, or you can hire someone to shoot this for you.

Then point them to your website with an evergreen IDX feed of homes currently for sale in the subject neighborhood.

Posting these videos on YouTube with proper titling, tagging, description and professional thumbnails has been highly effective for us over the past few months. 

If you aren’t sure how to correctly title and tag your videos on YouTube to generate the most organic traffic, try the tools Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy.

7. Cost of living in (your area)

People want to understand what it will cost to live in the area they’re considering, so start by figuring out the markets that are feeding people into your area. Doing a simple Google search for demographic information for (insert feeder city) and for your area will give you the ability to create personalized comparisons.

In your video, compare the price of a house where the audience currently lives with a house in your area. The people searching for this kind of information are likely close to a buying decision, so you can help them gather the information they need and potentially engage with them before any other agents in your market.

8. About me 

Customers want to do business with people they know, like and trust, so tell your story. Tell them about your family and your background in the industry. Explain why you love the industry, activities you enjoy and anything that helps people better understand who you are.

About me videos give you the ability to connect with clients before you actually meet them in person.

9. Testimonials

These videos are critically important because they effectively tell people that you’re safe to do business with. Begin the process by contacting your previous clients and asking them to share their experience working with you. Ask what they liked about working with you.

You could even record these at closing using your cell phone while your clients are happiest. Then, share these videos and begin to build rapport with your future clients.

10. New listings

Every single time you take a new listing, do a walkthrough video as proof of the business that you’re doing. Not only does it add value for the seller, but it also increases the odds that you’ll find the buyer who’s a good match for your property.

Customers are drawn to people who are doing business and generating activity.

11. Area demographics

To help people get comfortable with your area, gather statistics about crime, school performance, available churches and other information that’ll help them decide whether your area is a good fit for them. They want to know whether their family will be safe, whether the schools are good and what activities will be available.

Give them the information before they even ask for it, and they’ll be far more likely to call you when they’re ready to find a house.

12. Interview local business owners

Give a shout out to your favorite businesses in the area by interviewing the owners and giving them a chance to promote their businesses. These shout outs can include restaurants, handyman services, service providers or any other businesses in your area. When you post this on social media, tag the business to cross-pollinate your audience on social media with their audience.

This win-win proposition helps promote their business, and it draws potential clients to your network.

When you share information about local businesses and service providers, people will consider you a resource for all things, especially real estate.