Let us open some new doors for you.

When you join BRG, you become part of a family of innovators and motivators whose primary focus is to help you dream bigger, plan better, exceed your goals, earn more, and be heard.

Tech-Forward, Agent-Centric, Client-Focused, Family-First.

Find home with BRG.

Here to lead you to the place you want to go.

The business of real estate is changing rapidly and we’ve made it our mission to keep up with those changes, but to do it in a way that will best serve our Agents and their Clients. Every tool, every system, every event, every decision – in essence, everything we do is done for the purpose of making your job as a Real Estate Professional easier, better, more efficient, more rewarding, and more client-focused.

So, how do we do it?

A dedicated team committed to providing our Agents with the very best systems, services, support, training, company culture, marketing, and financial reward.

Bold. Reliable. Groundbreaking. We don’t want to be your next brokerage, we want to be your forever brokerage.

Our Systems.

  • Professional Agent Websites which include an IDX Search, Neighborhood Reports, Lead Generation Tools, and Blog Capabilities.

  • Powerful CRM ready to use with automated campaigns for potential Buyer and Seller leads utilizing email, sms/text, and phone calls as well as daily task reminders and on-going lead generation training, and the ability to create customized campaigns.

  • Automated Single Property Websites, Listing Videos, Just Listed Flyers, Postcards, Social Posts, and completely automated Marketing Campaigns for each stage of your listing’s cycle.

  • A next-gen CMA and Presentation Builder, Full-time showing schedule, All-in-one Back Office System, E-checks for commission payments, Complete Marketing Platform, and more.

Services &  Support

We are a full-service brokerage offering Admin Support, Transaction Support, In-House Marketing Support, Multi-Level Training Programs, One-on-One Coaching, Future Planning, On-Demand Training, and Educational Events.

And we offer Broker Availability. Honestly, we can’t say enough about our Brokers. They are committed and always go above and beyond to take care of our Agents. They answer the phone, they guide, they train, they stay in touch, and they have your back. We truly believe they are the best in the business.


Our in-house marketing team works daily to keep you top of mind and have made it a priority to make sure our Agents have quick and easy access to all the marketing materials necessary to run their business.

Our platform includes hundreds of templates that can be completely customized including Customizable Flyers, Postcards, E-postcards, Social Media Posts, Mailers, Listing Presentations, Marketing Packages, Social Media Content Catalogue, Monthly Farming Series, Monthly Newsletters and Fully Loaded Presentation Folders, Brochures, Signs, and much more.

Keep 85% to 100% of your commission, reach your low cap quickly,
earn residual income and private equity shares of BRG.

Take charge of your financial future.

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how much support we offer – If our Agents aren’t well compensated, then we won’t feel successful. Your success truly is our success.

We offer a high split, low cap rates, and low fees plus the most aggressive referral residual income program in the industry and company profit share through stock options.

Be well-compensated for your work, be fully supported with all the best systems, experience collaboration and connection with your co-workers, and build your retirement plan…that’s what we’re all about.

At BRG, Agents don’t work for us. We work for them.

85/15 split   |   $15,000 cap*

*Individual Agents and Team Leaders: $15,000 cap
Team Members: $7,500 cap (Team splits determined by Team Contract)

No desk fees. No franchise fees. No setup fees.

$100/month Systems Fee

$250 Transaction Fee for the first 20 transactions.
Zero Transaction Fees after 20 transactions

+ The strongest referral residual income machine in the industry.

It’s important to us that you have a secure, financially beneficial career and retirement. Our Revenue Share Plan is simple, easy to understand, and aggressive.

For every Agent you recruit to BRG, you’ll receive residual commission up to 5 tiers – for the life of those Agents at BRG. Even if you retire from BRG, you’ll still receive income from current Agents which you recruited.

Take a look at what that kind of passive income can mean to your retirement. We call it our “5,4,3,2,1…Freedom” Plan:

When we say we want to be your forever brokerage, we mean it. Giving stocks of BRG to our Agents means they share in our growth in every possible way. It’s our way of giving everyone a seat at the table and furthering our commitment to the idea that our Agents don’t work for us, we work for them.

Beginning in 2022, stocks will be earned through incentives, initiatives, milestones, and bonuses.

BRG Real Estate is a privately held corporation.

Our Core Values

  • Agent Centric

    We are an Agent Centric company. Every tool, every system, every event, every decision – in essence, everything we do is done for the purpose of making your job as a Real Estate Professional easier, better, more efficient, more rewarding, and more client-focused.

  • Client Focused

    We are Client Focused. We believe that the most important element of any real estate transaction is the relationship between the Agent and their Client therefore we work to ensure you are well-trained and well-supported by the systems and the people to provide the very best in service.

  • Family First

    We believe family comes first. Whether you are an Agent or a member of our Staff, we strive to be supportive of your needs and concerns for your family’s financial, physical, and mental well-being.

  • Tech Forward

    We are and will continue to be a Tech Forward brokerage. We are constantly monitoring, researching, and implementing new and emerging technology that will continue to provide our Agents with the most efficient and result-oriented systems to optimally run their business.

  • Growth Minded

    “If you aren’t growing and evolving, you’re standing still.”  We believe that success depends on time and effort, we believe that skills and outcomes can be improved with effort and persistence, and we embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, learn from criticism, and seek out inspiration in others’ success.

  • Culture of Generosity

    We are dedicated to promoting a culture of generosity through the sharing of ideas, thoughts, knowledge, education, and financial benefit. We learn from each other and we feel strongly that everyone has something to share and contribute. Our goal is to cultivate a true feeling of teamwork, family, and company ownership throughout every area of BRG Real Estate.

Culture & Connections

We‘re not just building a brand, we’re building a vision.

Tech-Forward, Agent-Centric, Client-Focused, Family-First.
That’s how we started and that’s how we’ll continue.

Besides being a fiercely independent, innovative, cutting edge company, we’re a family…and that’s not just a catch phrase. We believe family comes first, both our personal families and our work families. We celebrate each other’s success and we stand by each other in hard times. Working together, sharing ideas, and helping each other succeed is the way forward.

Our company culture is one of the main things that sets us apart from other companies and we’re dedicated to building that same culture in every BRG office. It’s just one of the ways we take care of our Agents.

“Thank you for being the best brokerage on the beach and building me to my full potential

“Just want to take a minute to show some gratitude for the amazing brokerage I work with. Honestly there are a lot of great brokerages but this last year I’m Convinced I found the best for me. So much love for this group Beach Realty Group – Brianne Brie Bender, Jeff Casterline, Darren Woodard – Best decision!”
“I love how much you invest into all of us, the unwavering belief that we all can achieve greatness. You are wonderful leaders and I appreciate you for everything you do. I am thankful that you invited me to be part of this Company!”

“Best bosses ever!!! I don’t think I ever could’ve dreamed my life would turn out this way- best family, best husband, best friends, best bosses…living my best life!”

“A big “Thank You” to Brie Bender, Jeff Casterline, Darren Woodard, and Michele Chalk at BRG for the support, dedication, and love shown not only to me but to all of us agents that are part of this family. These guys just “get it”. They know how to provide an environment where agents are successful AND happy at the same time. Also a big thank you to all of my clients who have supported me and continue to do so. 23 years and counting!”

Are you ready to find your forever brokerage?

It can be hard to make a change. We get it. But a change for the better? That’s always worth the effort.

BRG was started by Agents, for Agents. We are a tech forward, agent centric company focused on supporting our agents so that they can offer their clients the very best. Use the contact form below to learn more.


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“BRG has a stellar reputation as a modern, service oriented company in our community with both area agents and consumers.”

“A huge shoutout to the 67 real estate professionals who donated a percentage of their 2020 closings to the Grand Strand Miracle Leagues! Beach Realty Group donated 4,530.22 for 2020. We appreciate you all more than you know! Thanks for giving back!”