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It can be hard to make a change. We get it. But a change for the better? That’s always worth the effort.

BRG was started by Agents, for Agents. We are a tech forward, agent centric company focused on supporting our agents so that they can offer their clients the very best.

Bold. Reliable. Groundbreaking. We are BRG…and we saved you a seat at our table.

Our passion is helping experienced Agents take their career to the next level. We offer the best systems, support, training opportunities without the inflated fees. Agents who make the switch to BRG will find the support and the tools they need to grow their business and an atmosphere that feels like family.

Tech Forward, Agent Centric, Client Focused, Family First…that’s how we started and that’s how we’ll continue.

More Support

Systems and support. That’s what Agents need to be successful in this new world of real estate and we’ve put together the best systems in the business to help you.


BRG individual agents receive a website on the kvCore Platform, the #1 rated real estate platform. Customizable websites built to maximize lead capture with a modern, portal-like consumer search experience and intelligent behavior tracking plus the most robust lead gen tools on the market, hyper-local area pages, home valuation pages, automated social media posting, and integrated Google and Facebook advertising.

Transaction Management

More than just esignatures, every agent receives access to our complete transaction management platform as well as customizable transaction coordination services through our highly trained transaction coordination department. Effortless document editing, sharing, eSigning, compliancy, and secure storage of all your transaction which can be seamlessly integrated with your kvCore CRM.

Continuity Programs

BRG provides continuity programs for efficiently keeping in touch with your sphere. Custom written, automated engaging messages sent to your leads, prospects, past clients, and friends specifically designed to start conversations, deepen relationships, and top of mind awareness with your entire database…both new and old. Keeping you top of mind translates to a continuous source of long-term business for you.

Marketing Resources

From presentations to signs to social media content to mailers, our marketing platforms allow you instant access to the things you need to get the job done…and to look good doing it. Easily customizable and brandable pieces are ready for you to print and use, send to be printed, email, post to social media, or put on your website. We’re serious about marketing you and your properties.

More Money

There’s no doubt that commission splits are important and we’ve got some of the most competitive splits available with a high split, low cap, and low fees, but we’re also interested in helping you build a career that offers you long-term stability, growth, and prosperity. We offer a Revenue Share plan and other BOLD initiatives for alternative income streams. We’re also extremely team friendly. The bottom line? We want to help you make more and take your career to the next level.

85/15 split   |   $15,000 cap*

*Individual Agents and Team Leaders: $15,000 cap | Team Members: $7,500 cap

No desk fees. No franchise fees. No setup fees.

Low transaction fee capped at 20 transactions. $100 monthly systems fee.

PLUS: Earn unlimited income potential with our Revenue Share Plan and other BOLD initiatives.

More Success

Our goal? We want to exceed your expectations and build an enduring relationship that sustains you, your family, and the people who work with you.

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“Thank you for being the best brokerage on the beach and building me to my full potential

“Just want to take a minute to show some gratitude for the amazing brokerage I work with. Honestly there are a lot of great brokerages but this last year I’m Convinced I found the best for me. So much love for this group Beach Realty Group – Brianne Brie Bender, Jeff Casterline, Darren Woodard – Best decision!”
“I love how much you invest into all of us, the unwavering belief that we all can achieve greatness. You are wonderful leaders and I appreciate you for everything you do. I am thankful that you invited me to be part of this Company!”

“Best bosses ever!!! I don’t think I ever could’ve dreamed my life would turn out this way- best family, best husband, best friends, best bosses…living my best life!”

“A big “Thank You” to Brie Bender, Jeff Casterline, Darren Woodard, and Michele Chalk at BRG for the support, dedication, and love shown not only to me but to all of us agents that are part of this family. These guys just “get it”. They know how to provide an environment where agents are successful AND happy at the same time. Also a big thank you to all of my clients who have supported me and continue to do so. 23 years and counting!”